Coffins & Caskets

We liaise sensitively with our clients over this most important of issues. Choosing the right coffin or casket for your loved one is important, and we offer a wide selection ranging from simple and elegant to the more elaborate. Our choice of coffins and caskets come in a wide variety of materials, from traditional wooden, to a range of alternative materials including bamboo and wicker.

Choosing a coffin

Some people like to put a few keepsakes or personal items inside or on top of the coffin or casket. These are normally objects treasured by the deceased and can help to bring some comfort at this difficult time. These can be photographs, letters, cards, medals or flowers. In some instances, loved ones will also place regiment berets, flags or a simple teddy or photograph on top of the coffin. We will discuss this with you but please bear in mind that there are certain restrictions with cremations.

What else to think about

In choosing a coffin, we are aware that caring for the environment is an important consideration for many of our clients. We also place importance on maintaining a healthy environment for future generations, and so we can look to advise you on the best ways to reduce the impact, whilst still providing a quality service. For the full range of coffins and caskets at Haydock Funeral Services please consult one of our team, who will be happy to guide you through the materials and styles available.

Some examples of our coffins

Things to consider

We have extensive experience of supplying a range of different coffin and casket styles to suit individual family wishes. We understand that this is a difficult time, and so will follow your lead as to what best suits your needs.